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by Julie Fink, Gazette Staff Writer 

Michael F. Bizga, CPA, recently opened his office at 525 12th Street in Hammonton where he offers services to both individuals and businesses to satisfy their complete financial needs including, but not limited to, tax management and preparation, college planning, book keeping and payroll, and other financial tax evaluations. 

Bizga specializes in tax services for individuals, C-corporations, S-corporations, partnerships, limited liability corporations, senior freeze and more. 

Bizga prides himself on the work he does with family-owned businesses that typically do $1 million to $5 million in sales.

“They are too big for their wives to do the books, but too small to have an onsite controller. It is these kinds of businesses that I enjoy working with. I am able to help them find and train an excellent bookkeeper where he/she can do up to 80 percent of the tasks of an onsite controller, and then I step in and do the remaining 20 percent of the necessary work that requires a little more expertise. This is a huge advantage and cost savings to those companies,” Bizga said.

Bizga also works closely with those individuals who have found themselves in a bind owing the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). 

“I am able to help people who have found themselves in a bind as far as taxes go and seem to owe more to the government than they can ever payback. I can help them work out a solution,” he said.
Bizga has been a certified public accountant for more than 20 years and previously operated his business out of Blue Anchor. 

Prior to that he worked in a mid-sized firm in Philadelphia and in Atlantic City as a CPA for Resorts.
He received his CPA from the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and a Bachelor’s Degree in accounting from Miami University in Ohio. 

During his time at the firm in Philadelphia, he gained extensive knowledge training individuals on how to become bookkeepers. 

Bizga is happy to be among the many successful and proven certified public accountants in the town of Hammonton.
He chose Hammonton for the location of his business due to its location and hometown feel.
He purchased the property on 12th Street in August and completely renovated the building. 
“I liked the small town feel of Hammonton. I wanted more exposure, and the location in downtown Hammonton I believe will provide that for me. Hammonton is unique; there is a great camaraderie here among the business community. The people are friendly and open to welcome newcomers. It was these types of things that gave me hope to grow and expand my business,” Bizga said. 

By far, the cornerstone of Bizga’s business is representing other businesses, but his goals are to reach more individuals. 

“By far, business is the cornerstone of any CPA practice, but I would like to meet more individuals and help them with their financial needs as well. I take the time to really talk to people and find out what their wants and needs are. I believe the only way I can truly help them reach their financial goals is to get to know them,” he said.
In addition, Bizga would like to reach out to the Hispanic population in Hammonton to assist them with their financial needs. 

“I would like to reach out to the Spanish speaking community and have plans to hire a bilingual associate in order to do so. I believe this is something that is needed in the area,” he said. 
For more information contact Bizga at 567-3548 or mike@bizgacpa.com or visit the website at www.bizgacpa.com. 








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